Thursday, January 28, 2010

What's New.....

We now have a What's New section at Kawaii for You so you can see new products that have arrived with a quick glance.

Here's a few things that we've added recently:

4 piece Container/Lunch Packs

Plastic Cups/Mugs with Toddler Lid:

Deco Tape

2 Deck Bento/Lunch Boxes

Ring Notebooks

Memo Pads

Large Tote/Picnic Bags

I hope you find something you like. Click here to go straight to the What's New section.


  1. Those bento boxes are too cute!

  2. I must get the apple tape at some stage! too cute~

  3. wow I am loving the tote - what a fabbo colour and design - best to you le

  4. so cute! just bought a few things! really love your store and great to have it in australia!!!


  5. HI Christine. I love your new store and know where to shop for my nephews and nieces now. Good luck with it all! x